Patrick Galivan​

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)
Certified in Applied Functional Science (CAFS)

Patrick received his degree in Exercise Science from Western Michigan University in 2011. He completed a 12-week internship at WMU’s Strength and Conditioning Program where he was responsible for developing Division 1 athletes.

He went on to graduate from the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Kellogg Community College after completing a four-year career as a professional hockey player. Patrick recently received his Certification in Applied Functional Science and is about to embark on a 40-week fellowship to become a Fellow of Applied Functional Science at the Gray Institute in 2019.

Patrick brings a unique skill set to Movement Physical Therapy and Wellness. Along with working in the field of physical therapy, he has specialized in developing elite ice hockey players from the youth to NHL level as a performance coach for GVN Performance for close to a decade.