Patrick Galivan​

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)
Certified in Applied Functional Science (CAFS)

Patrick received his degree in Exercise Science from Western Michigan University in 2011. He completed a 12-week internship at WMU’s Strength and Conditioning Program where he was responsible for developing Division 1 athletes.

He went on to graduate from the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Kellogg Community College after completing a four-year career as a professional hockey player. Patrick recently received his Certification in Applied Functional Science and is about to embark on a 40-week fellowship to become a Fellow of Applied Functional Science at the Gray Institute in 2019.

Patrick brings a unique skill set to Movement Physical Therapy and Wellness. Aside from being a skilled physical therapist, for the last decade, Pat has developed elite ice-hockey players as a performance coach for GVN Performance, working with NHL level to youth athletes.